Reasons to Reject the Gender Binary by Me

1. No one person is entirely male or entirely female, on an emotional level. To some extent we all have masculine and feminine qualities; therefore, within the gender binary, some people are literally more male or more female than others—an idea which is somewhat ridiculous.
2. The gender binary appears to be a significant contributing factor for gender dysphoria. Although the essential source for gender dysphoria is a disconnect between emotional statusĀ and physiological development, one could hypothesize that without the influence of such strong gender roles created by our binary, gender dysphoria would not be as strong in those who suffer from it. This would likely be due to a wider acceptance of non-gender-specific behaviors, such as a young boy wearing dresses, or a young girl dressing as a boy (which is already far more accepted than boys dressing and acting as girls due to the misogyny of our culture).
3. To remove the idea of an emotional gender would help ALL of us in expressing the parts of who we are that we tend to hide away because they are not perceived as appropriate for our assigned (or assumed) genders. Without the binary, none of us would feel pressure to limit ourselves to act a certain way; therefore, we could remove a label (gender) and fill in the gap with pure self and expression.

If any of my information is incorrect and/or offensive in any way feel free to message me. Specifically if you are transgendered or suffer from gender dysphoria I would like to hear your thoughts on the gender binary.

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